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Social Security isn't the government's money — it's our money

BZ 082417 Bishop Town Hall 06

I am writing in response to David Spackman’s letter of Sept. 5, “Medicare, Social Security promote laziness and dependency.” First, I would like to know his age. He said, “This country was founded on limited government to protect basic rights, relying on individualist...


England didn't erect statues of Hitler, Hess or Goebbels

Confederate Monuments Photo Gallery-4

I share some of the thoughts put forward by D. Louise Brown, as published in the Standard-Examiner on Thursday, Aug. 31 (“America shouldn’t be in the business of taking down statues”). Some I do not share. I too believe that statuary is a powerful lesson in history, positive and...


Are solar panels reducing summer power outages?

DaVinci Academy Solar Panels

I was pleased to see Leia Larsen' s Sept. 4 Q&A with Michele Beck, director of the Utah Office of Consumer Services, about Rocky Mountain Power’s solar settlement. Last summer, our area had several power outages when air conditioner use was at its peak. We've had none this year, in spite...


The Confederates were traitors. They don't deserve statues

Confederate Statues Robert E. Lee

Let me get this straight, D. Louise Brown: You're comparing bombing scars from World War II to Confederate statues, correct? Interesting logic (“America shouldn't be in the business of taking down statues,” Aug. 31 Standard-Examiner). While you were wandering London, did you happen...


Medicare, Social Security promote laziness and dependency

BZ 082417 Bishop Town Hall 01

I attended U.S. Rep. Bishop’s Aug. 24 town hall meeting in Brigham City. Good on him for doing them despite some not-so-polite attendees. His response, and especially the response of the crowd, to one of the questions makes me wonder if this country will survive as originally conceived. The...


If deer are a nuisance, and cougars kill deer, why kill more cougars?

Cougar permits

I'm know very little about hunting or balancing predator populations, but something is really confusing me. There are frequent complaints about the deer population. There are just too many, and they are eating the shrubs, causing damage to automobiles, eating up the seeds in the bird feeders and...


We need to have an honest discussion about drugs in Utah

LEAD SW 062617 Medical Cannabis Ballot Initiative 01

Isn't time to have an honest discussion about drugs in Utah? By any measure, the two most dangerous and damaging drugs known to mankind are already legal in Utah — tobacco and alcohol. Recently, the Legislature announced it would cost taxpayers over $3 million to ramp up for a vote on legal...


Trump needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with America

Trump Taxes rally

One move President Trump might want to make, sooner rather later, is have a heart-to-heart talk with the American people. Rather than another raucous campaign pep-rally using his bombastic style personality that seeks to bludgeon his opponents in both parties and the liberal media, he might try...


With the right precautions, we can allow neo-Nazis to demonstrate

Republican Race Politics

E. Kent Winward's Aug. 20 column, “We cannot remain silent when speech turns dangerous,” failed to address a salient point — how do we allow the neo-Nazis and their ilk the right to demonstrate and also prevent violence and correspondingly violent responses from either side? I'm...


Voters must force politicians to face the reality of climate change

Harvey-6 flooding rescue

Labeled a “1,000-year storm,” the impact of hurricane/tropical storm Harvey is being called “unfathomable” and it’s not over yet. More rain is predicted from the massive, lingering storm on top of an already flooded area. It’s being called worse than Katrina....

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